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“When I was finally released from my 9.5 year prison sentence, many employers would not hire me. I knew I wanted to become a software engineer but I needed extra help. The dedication, time, resources, equipment, emotional support and financial support from Emergent Works is the biggest reason I was able to see this through. Today I can proudly say I am a thriving Software Engineer.”

- Makeda, EW 2020 Winter Mentee

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Makeda, an EW mentee

What Are Our Mentees Saying?

Maria, an EW mentee
MariaOne of the skills I learned through the mentorship with Emergent Works was gaining confidence in coding. Before EW, I was a computer science student with imposter syndrome because of my age and background. This community made me blossom out of my shell by producing an actual project I was able to talk about during interviews. As a result, I landed an internship and eventually a full-time job with The Walt Disney Company. Awesome program!
Wayne, an EW mentee
WayneEW gave me the confidence and tools to sharpen my Python and SQL skills needed to reach my dream of working with data in the tech industry! My mentor is continuously supporting me to develop my skills to reach my dream career!
La'Tonia, an EW mentee
La’ToniaEnhanced productive communication, advanced professional development resources, and a quest to push boundaries of commonly accepted standards are among skills I’ve gained from Emergent Works. These skills help by positioning me at an advantage as I continue my code/web dev journey - and the advantage includes appreciation for possibilities to come, which feeds in me an eagerness to bring my best. For my life, this translates to being a presence in the world who is more confident, eager to engage calculated risks, and unapologetic in pure curiosity.

Our Impact

107 mentee graduates. 100% employed or continuing their education. 0% recidivism.*
Graduates of EW earn more than 3X the salary of average formerly-incarcerated people.
54% of the EW team are graduates of our programs. 69% are justice-impacted or system-impacted.*

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Training and employing returning citizens and those impacted by the criminal legal system through tech literacy with an effort to decrease recidivism and close the wealth gap.