About our Organization

Emergent Works is a community of people that:

  • envisions a world where tech literacy, education, and skills-based training are freely available to the individuals and communities, disproportionately of color, impacted by mass incarceration.
  • realizes this vision through developing software products and educational programs that provide mentorship and a pathway to careers in tech to these communities.
  • bridges the gap between the tech industry and historically underserved communities impacted by mass incarceration by offering free access to the technology, education, and resources necessary to enter into careers in tech.

EW employs a multi-pronged strategic approach to bridge this gap and to generate large-scale systemic change in the opportunities available to returning citizens.

EW provides digital literacy and software development training to returning citizens by pairing them with senior software engineers through our mentorship program.

EW augments the mentorship program by equipping participants with lifelong access to our online and in-person community and resources. We support alumni in securing jobs, apprenticeships, and further educational pathways.

EW builds technology to catalyze the community-driven work of individuals and organizations working to end the crisis of mass incarceration. Through our LEAP program, we hire associate software engineers with a history of legal system involvement that inform and build our products while working alongside, being mentored by, and sharing the knowledge of their experience with tech industry veterans on our engineering team.