We build technology to drive positive social change and end the mass incarceration crisis.

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Bail Fund App

The Bail Fund App (BFA) is a bespoke web-based CRM developed in partnership with Community Justice Exchange (CJE) that supports a national network of community bail funds to more efficiently and effectively deploy bail funds to individuals in pretrial and immigration detention who could otherwise not afford it. The BFA facilitates the work of community bail funds through a highly-customizable user interface, tailored to a bail fund's specific workflow needs. By providing funds with industry-leading technology and accurate data about the clients they serve, the BFA frees up valuable time and resources so funds can serve greater numbers of people, and inform policy to end cash bail practices.


Not911 is a mobile app for resolving community-level issues without police involvement. Not911 connects users to nonprofits and government agencies to address issues ranging from domestic violence to homelessness, without police intervention.

Community Connection Hub

Community Connection Hub (CCH), launching in 2022, is the world's first web-based platform to facilitate community development, mentorship, education, and pathways to employment for the movement of people and organizations working to end the crisis of mass incarceration.

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