Learn or teach with with us! Whether you’re just starting out or are an industry professional, there is a place for you here.

1:1 Virtual Technical Mentorship Program

The Emergent Works 1:1 Virtual Technical Mentorship Program provides returning citizens with exposure to technology and digital literacy training. During the program, mentees are paired with mentors who are currently working as software engineers in the tech sector. Mentees first work to develop the digital literacy skills necessary to learn software development fundamentals. Mentees then work to conceptualize, design, and implement a software development project under the guidance of, and in collaboration with, their mentors. During the culminating showcase event of the program, pairs present their completed projects to the EW community. The EW mentorship program serves as a gateway to careers in software engineering by providing our community members with access and exposure to a supportive community of learners and professionals, educational resources, and a professional network of industry-leading technologists.

Technology Rhythm And Passion Program (T.RAP)

Emergent Work’s Technology Rhythm And Passion is a 16-week program that introduces artists from communities impacted by incarceration to technology through therapeutic writing practices, music/video production, and audio engineering. The program provides participants with a fundamental working-knowledge of DAW’s, music production, and song writing. TRAP teaches participants the requisite web development skills to build a web page that showcases the skills they gain recording with professional audio engineers and learning the practices of therapeutic songwriting. The program culminates with participants conceptualizing, designing, and developing a website to showcase the music they create during the program which is informed by these practices.

Engineering Leadership Program

The Emergent Works Engineering Leadership Program is a nine-month leadership and technical development program for associate engineers on our agency team with a history of incarceration. During this program, participants are mentored by our team of senior software engineers and undergo a rigorous leadership-development program as they work full-time on agency software development projects. Participants learn skills essential for senior leadership in the modern tech workforce including project and personnel management. As a result, they complete the program with the background necessary to rapidly advance to mid and senior levels in their career in the months and years after completion